I am always doing things I can’t do
That’s how I get to do them.

Pablo Picasso
Success is all about effective learning
Take an inventory of your skills
Evaluate the skills needed to run your business
Where do you need to focus your learning?

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Do you have a customer service plan in your business?

3d Group of customer service related words

3d Group of customer service related words

When you started your business, did you have a plan for setting up customer service policies in your business plan?  Is there customer service policies and trainings for when you hire and train new employees?  Is customer service even in your mind when you are designing your business plan?


Then you’d better start thinking about policies to create good customer service in your business because the customer experience is becoming crucial for a brick and mortar business and internet businesses.

According to Desk.com,  82% of people say they’ve stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service. What’s worse is that 39% of those lost customers will avoid you for two years or more after that experience. As you can see, customer adoption and retention relies heavily on great customer service from Best practices for customer service training.

Just look at this article about Time Warner Cable and how their customer service rating has dropped critically for some simple customer service which they could easily improve.

Time Warner Cable had the lowest customer service rating of all cable companies in 2015, according to Consumer Reports, and lowest of all U.S. companies, according to another consumer agency from Calling all Time Warner customers to unite against its dreadful customer service

Word of mouth

What is the most effective and cheapest form of marketing for your business?  Word of mouth by your customers can increase or quickly decrease the revenue for your company.  People who have a bad experience will 10 times more other people about that bad experience than someone who has had a good experience. 

In 2012, the President of The Cheesecake Factory shared that his company’s marketing expenses are less than 20% of the industry average due to great WOM (Word of Mouth) from How Customer Service Interactions Foster Word of Mouth

Customer Experience

Since the customer experience is the relationship between your company and your customer, you need to identify what kind of relationship this would be. Some things to ask yourself  include:

The image you want to have in your customers’ minds.

The emotions you want interactions with your company to spark in customers.

The culture of your company that you want to convey to your customers.

Your company’s personality and how your customers see it.

Good customer service is ensuring that during every stage of this journey your client is taken care of, including, of course, providing an excellent product at the end of the journey  from Make Your Clients Ambassadors For Your Business With Good Customer Service.

Now, with customers willing to sign up with their email, address and answer surveys or contests or be willing to give feedback on a company just for a company, there is plenty of statistics and data on the internet to learn about your customers.  Google Search and Bing and Yahoo are providing search engines so they can collect information about what people want so they can sell ads etc.

 According to Forbes

Software can track how you like to buy how long you stay on reviews, the amount of time you spend comparing other products and more. With this data, you can customize your customer’s buying experience. For example, if your customer loves reading reviews, the next time they come to your website, the reviews may be at the top from  The Year Of The Customer: 16 Customer Service And Experience (CX) Trends For 2016

 Customer Culture

Consumers may want to purchase a product, but they want to do it in an atmosphere, online or in-store, that makes them feel something positive from Why You Should Think Less About Sales and More About the Customer Experience.
Just look at Starbucks where the coffee is distinct  and “hanging out” in Starbucks is an event. “Going for coffee” has become part of the North American culture in less than 20 years.

coffeeCompare your business to Starbucks and ask yourself:

Is visiting your business an experience?

Is your website easy to navigate?

Is your website easy to find your contact information?

Do you have  friendly, timely answers for anyone asking  for help?

Is a plan for customer service in your business plan?  No. Then come join us at the business of at home business newsletter to learn more about customer service!

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There are 3 Billion People online-Your Tribe is out there!

multi ethnic hands reaching for globe ball

There are 3,279,088,431 people on the internet today!
Tweet: There are 3,279,088,431 people on the internet today!

Your message
Your product
Your service
Your passion will serve those who need or want you to help them solve a problem or fulfill a need.
Don’t be intimidated by the idea of reaching EVERYONE!
You aren’t in the Everyone Business , according to Darren Scott Monroe.

There are 3 Billion Online and your TRIBE, your AUDIENCE, your CUSTOMERS will find you if you message is clear and you go to where THEY are.

How do you find your Customers?

Define who your Customers are and this will tell you where they like to hangout on the Internet (or whether they don’t come onto the internet).

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How to Steer your Customers towards you!



Have you ever really listened to your customers? If you did, there might be a change in focus in the direction that your business will take.
I thought that when I started that people would want to have a way to go step by step from idea to launching and then growing your business. I know ,they need this type of guidance as being in home business, I know the challenges and stress of being your own boss.
But I have found with the years of hanging out on the internet and listening to people on Facebook and in group calls and masterminds that people want the quick solution. People want either a quick way to have a “business” or they talk about it but they aren’t willing to put the work in.
So, my focus has changed to listening to what people are saying. Then putting out an offer to them to see if they are interested. If not, then ask them more questions to see what they REALLY wanted. If they want it then create it with their participation.
No long term commitment to create the content and find out no one wants it.
Keep this in mind when you have an idea you want to create before you invest time and energy!

Check out Resources for more inspiration!

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Home Business Startup Costs


Home Business Entrepreneurs are a vital and growing part of the business economy in North America. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012 United States Report in 2012, over 69% of new entrepreneurs started from home. 55% of the new businesses remained at home even if they hired employees. Also, the average financing was $15,000 with 82% of the entrepreneurs receiving financing from personal funds, family or friend. If you are thinking about starting a home business, it is possible to start from home with less money than you think!

If you haven’t heard the term “bootstrapping”, it is a new mindset for you to save money by doing some of your startup activities yourself and financing your business plan.

1. The first step would be to create a budget of potential income and expenses possible in the first year. Most important would be to define all the expenses as income may not come in the first year.

2. Looking at the expenses, see how you can save by reducing expenses by, for example:

a) doing your own bookkeeping

b) using your existing furniture for your office rather than buying new or go out to garage sales to find used items.

c)asking your computer saavy family member to help you setup your internet in exchange for…

For most service businesses that are home-based, the initial year is the most expensive but saving money by creating an office in your home and using existing furniture and computer equipment helps to reduce costs.

Now on to needing money, a bootstrapping entrepreneur will use:

a) their own personal savings

b)credit cards debt

c)ask family or friends for startup money or if you are lucky, use your family members skills within your business in exchange for whatever you decide on.

The advantage to using your own personal finances is you are not indebted to any other person or company like a bank.

Without knowing what your startup expenses will be, you won’t know what money you need to raise before you even start your business. So, even though the thought of doing a business plan may be something you consider unnecessary, even if you are going to be bootstrapping, a business plan is worth doing to see what you need for the first year.

Government Resources for Writing a Business Plan

The U.S. Small Business Administration has a free resource on creating a business

The Canadian government resources at Canada Business Network

Australian government at Business Plan Template

Great Britain at Write a Business Plan

Go and write up your business plan even if you aren’t going to a bank for financing because it is the guide and plan to use in your first year to keep costs under control!

by Jane Gardner from Jane-Gardner.com To empower and implement your business dreams!

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Implementation Club Opens When!

Well, how time flies!  Like most entrepreneurs, there are so many things to do in your business that your “To-Do” List becomes large!

So, I’m just going on a pre-planned holiday right now with my husband ( how inconvenient, just as I finished creating http://www.websitesetupbeginner.com!) but life happens!


I ‘ve reviewed my Implementation.Club membership inside and I am holding off till January 2016 to open so that I have everything you would need at the very basic level, to decide on a home business, startup, run and grow your own home business.

So, right now there is some awesome content including “How to use Interviews as Content for your Business” and “How to Price your Product” and even “How to find your target market” or “E-Tribe” as I like to call it… so if you want to be a founding member, get on my mailing list. Founding member price will be $15.95 and every month there will be trainings and resources released to help you start and grow your business.  If you get on my list, i will start giving you some startup training in the next two months so that when Implementation Club is open, you are ready to Implement!

Before that, as I mentioned, I have a WebsiteSetupBeginner.com membership where there are trainings on WordPress, Aweber, HTML5 (oh no!) and CPANEL etc. and it is open at    http://jane-gardner.com/website   for $9 a month this year only!

I’m not one of those people who hides the price, I want you to know beforehand so you can seriously consider it when you are reading about it so go here to sign up and get started at http://jane-gardner.com/website.

When I get back from vacation, I am doing a Program called (haven’t finalized the name)  “Get your Own Piece of the Internet world in 60 days” (i like that so maybe I will keep it)  where I hold your hand for 60 days and give you this awesome website Theme (Get Noticed) included up and running and get you Empowered to get the skills needed to message from your website and social media sites and start building a email subscriber list within 60 days and I help you every step of the way.  This program will only be held quarterly as it is intensive!

Also, I will be doing a mini course on QR Codes and how to use them in your marketing too for November as the holiday marketing season is here for mobile!

Yes, what is this!?  Two websites, Jane! I decided to be myself since you will be working with me not some Business of At Home Business website. So, my boahb.com (IMPLEMENTATION.CLUB) will be about business and have my entrepreneurial membership site for you to learn and connect with other entrepreneurs in the Forum etc. and jane-gardner.com will be my IMPLEMENT.CLUB site to connect and implement and learn together with lots of links between them.  If you are interested in working with me, get some mindmaps and training on subscriber list to get started at http://www.jane-gardner.com.

So, my vacation is going to be a working one outlining my courses so I’m ready to get messages out in November.  Whew!  See, if you make a commitment on the internet, now you have to fulfill it..that is what implementing is all about!  See you in November!

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State of Entrepreneurial Spirit!

From very young to very old, entrepreneurs are made not born!


Today, I learned about this program (that I wished I had when I was young) called Startupskool at early entrepreneurs. It is a foundation whose mission is to create a revolution of social innovators.

As mentioned on their website,

We gave a handful of elementary classrooms each a $100 micro-loan as startup capital, and asked them to raise funds for charity. Rather than running typical fundraisers such as asking for pledges, these classes used the money to start their own small businesses such as building bird houses to sell at a local market, selling green smoothies on Fridays, and creating family friendly events. These students were using their own creativity and imagination to turn our initial $100 loan into thousands of dollars for charity. Building on the success of our original experiment, we partnered with amazing educators and entrepreneurs to launch a full curriculum behind our program. Through media-based lessons and an interactive platform we’ve been able to transform over 120 classrooms across Canada into social innovators. Their efforts have since generated over $80,000 in support of local and global charities.

They now have a website where teachers can register and find out how to run their own program in their class to instill the entrepreneurial training into their children from kindergarten to High School (in Canada).  The internet program can be adapted (and it has been adapted) to other countries.  The children are given $100 for their team and they have to create $500 with a business and the team learns about marketing, costing, pricing and  product creation all through working together in a class.

It is a story like this which makes you realize that anyone at any age can learn how to have the entrepreneurial spirit.  It just takes some training and knowledge about business and guidance from mentors to help you start.

This idea that i can pass on my knowledge about business to another so they can create a business themselves is a desire for this website.  Inside The Business of At Home Business membership there is the information and step-by-step to start a business.

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