There are 3 Billion People online-Your Tribe is out there!

There are 3,279,088,431 people on the internet today! Tweet: There are 3,279,088,431 people on the internet today! Your message Your product Your service Your passion will serve those who need or want you to help them solve a problem or fulfill a need. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of reaching EVERYONE! You aren’t in […]

How to Steer your Customers towards you!

  Have you ever really listened to your customers? If you did, there might be a change in focus in the direction that your business will take. I thought that when I started that people would want to have a way to go step by step from idea to launching and then growing your business. […]


Photo Source Are you thinking that you don’t have the skills you need to do a home business? ¬†Do you wonder how long it would take to learn the skills for a home business idea you would like to do? ¬†Twenty years ago, you would have to consider: taking a vocational or university course at […]