Your Big Why -Why do you want to start a home business

Welcome this is Jane Gardner and welcome to start your own home business on Tuesday.
No don’t start it today :) just start your own business Tuesday.

So,let’s start by talking about why do you want to start a home business.

For those of you who are thinking of starting a home business ask yourself “Why” first and then ask yourself “Are you willing to do the things that are needed in order to start a home business?”
“So why are you starting a home business?” Is it because you want to make more money in your life or do you want to be in control of your own life and be able to be your own boss? “Are you desperate for money?” “Are you wanting to support your family better than you are now?” Do you think that it will be a quick way to make more money but you are disillusioned because starting your own home business will always be a challenge. It will always have its freedom and it may always have its challenges as well as its triumphs. So let’s have a sit down and figure out exactly why “what’s the big why” for why you want to start a home business.

Next week, we’ll look into researching and thinking about what kind of home business you want to have. Just so you know, I am interested in talking about online Home businesses as well as offline Home business. Obviously being in a structural engineering firm, our own business that is local and we work in the local area. And obviously we’re not doing any international work or otherwise I would have mentioned it. So, but of course, now there are very few home businesses that are always local. You can always get customers on the Internet now and expand into the Internet.

So, we’ll be talking about offline home businesses as well as online home businesses.

But today I want to just sit down and ask yourself ” why you want to start a home business?”

So for example, my husband and I are in our home business and we’re both in our 50s to 60s. We’d like to retire well but basically my husband cannot retire without closing down the business or he would have to get someone else to take over. So my big “Why” is to try to figure out how I can help others start their own home business by sharing my knowledge and wisdom and some of the practical skills and technology and resources that you can use to start a home business. while at the same time, adding some revenue to our life so that we can retire.

We’ll talk about a practice as a business another day (I’ll just write that down). But our practice is not really a business. For someone who’s an individual like a doctor or dentist or an engineer where basically the business is you. So we’ll talk about that another time and another night whether you want to choose that kind of business.

But today my big why is to try and set up another business so that we can retire and enjoy our retirement as well as earning some revenue to enjoy our life while we’re retired and sharing my wisdom.
So what’s your big why?

Do you have family that you want to support? Certainly we all do have family members who need to have some support from us in terms of money. Do you have children that you want to help go to school or you want to help your grandchildren? Do you want to help other family members with some resources?
Are you looking to earn some extra revenue so that you can enjoy your retirement earlier than you expected or even not retirement just being able to support your family because the job that you’re doing right now, your day job is not fulfilling and you need another choice?

Is your Why you want to start a home business big enough so that you can be able to continue on to start your home business without quitting basically. So my big why is basically I’d like to be able to retire from our engineering firm and my husband as well and  because otherwise we’ll be working till we are 75.  So this is just my Big Why is being able to share my wisdom in order to have the revenue come in so that we can we close our engineering firm.

So what’s your Big Why?

Are you looking to support your family members? Do you have big medical bills coming up that you need to have support for? Do you have family members who are not in the best form of health and you need to help support them? Some of these things can really help you to have a think  before you start a home business to realize that you need to support yourself and your family with this.  In those days where the day is long and you’re struggling and you’re having a challenge or you don’t have the amount of money you’d like to come in that you know you have the potential to come in with your business- your WHY has to be Big!

I will help you to remember that Why you’re doing this and the days that you’re spending time in front of the computer or learning a skill or phoning up clients to find out what you need to do or even doing the work for your clients on the weekends instead of  spending  time with your family.

Are you willing to sacrifice that kind of time in order to have a better life for your family?

So that’s what you have to think about  before you start a home business. It’s whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice some time with your family or sacrifice your pleasures. Spend less time in front of the TV or take some time on the weekend and do some work that will help you move forward in your business. Or maybe you have more immediate desires to start your home business because it’s an urgent need for money. You have to realize that when you start home business you really need to have a very strong Why or why you’re doing it in order to get through the days -when you’re starting the business and when you’re struggling to get clients or you are starting to figure out something on the computer or you’re not going to your son’s baseball game because you have to do some work in order to move forward with this business.

You have to figure out if you’re willing to sacrifice that kind of time with your family in order to make a better life for your family.

So think about  your Big Why.
Why do  you want to start a home business?

Are you just tired of getting you know your current job. You don’t think it’s going to move you forward in your life. You won’t  get  the house that you wanted or the family life you want?

Are you willing to sacrifice some time and some money probably just to get started on your home business?
Whether or not, you that would sacrifice time to  get through the time that you need to work on make your whole business successful?
So next time I think we’ll talk about some of the ideas for an offline home business  because I find that no one on the Internet is actually talking about offline business.

Since we started as an offline home business,  I think we should go over some of the ideas and the things that you need to have in terms of being an offline home business. Some of the simple businesses you could have offline as a business as well as maybe  some consulting businesses you might be able to do.  So, we will talk about off line business next week.

So, have a think about your Big Why.  Think about whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice your time and maybe a little bit of money in order to get started with your Home Business.

Mindset of the Entrepreneur

All about Mindset on Mindset Monday

Welcome. I’m Jane Gardner. And today on Mindset Monday, we’re going to talk about being an entrepreneur and what a mindset of an entrepreneur is and whether you are capable of being an entrepreneur due to your mindset. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about some of the ways you can be challenged as an entrepreneur in terms of your mindset and how you can conquer those challenges. You do not have to be born an entrepreneur and you can actually learn to be an entrepreneur. You can also train your mind to have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Unlike what some people say that you have to come from an entrepreneurial family, over 50 percent of successful business owners come from the middle class and 35 percent were either poor or working class. So you don’t have to be a family member of an entrepreneur.

You can change your mind in order to be an entrepreneur. So don’t let that stop you. The idea that you don’t know what it is to be an entrepreneur should not stop you because we can talk about changing your mindset as we go along.

Ask yourself these questions because I believe that you shouldn’t quit your day job as I mentioned in order to be an entrepreneur that you should be at least thoughtful about your process etc.

So let’s ask these questions of yourself.

How many of you would you agree that.

I don’t like to risk my money.” Not at all.

“I would never think of quitting my job and risking my life savings.

“I like the idea of being my own boss. I’m not sure I would be good at it.

“I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions but I still don’t want anyone to find out about my mistakes.

I sometimes have good ideas but often have no idea of what to do.

Well, if you agree with any of those statements you are a reluctant entrepreneur at heart.I invite you to join our ranks because you don’t have to be a risk taker in order to be an entrepreneur.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the books I highly recommend is “The Reluctant Entrepreneur” by Michael Masterson and read through that and start learning how to train your brain to be the successful entrepreneur.

So for today I want you to think about who you think is a successful entrepreneur. Next time, we’ll be talking about some of the entrepreneurs you may not know of who have conquered their inability or their fears. Being an entrepreneur and becoming a successful entrepreneur is regardless of being a risk taker or trying something without even thinking beforehand because you or anyone else can be an entrepreneur. All you have to do is try to have a positive, committed attitude and have a natural love of a challenge and the ability to manage a lot of stress and work at a high level and the willingness to take responsibility.

These are some of the ideas of having the mindset of the entrepreneur and if you don’t have them now you can certainly learn how to train your brain in order to be challenged as an entrepreneur.

My husband and I have been entrepreneurs for 20 years we work on our own. Every day is a challenge and every day is a pleasure. Every day is a day where we don’t know what the next day will bring, what work will come but we accept that work will come and we continue on. We will also have a huge pile of work for the day and know that there’s a huge pile the next day and we have to get through it.

So , you have to have a few traits of the entrepreneur to succeed. In season one, I talked to you about some of the traits of an entrepreneur. I’ll go into more detail in the second season on what the traits of the entrepreneur is and some of the ways you yourself can learn some of these traits and train your brain to have the mindset of the entrepreneur.

So I hope you’ll come along with me on the challenge and the triumph of being an entrepreneur on Mindset Monday. We’ll see you next week.

Just have a think about “are you an entrepreneur now” or “do you want to be an entrepreneur in the future.

Do you want to take action and get control of your life or at least make some extra money too as a business person so that you can have a more successful life and that you can have the things that you want and you can help your family and you can help yourself and you can control your life. So we’ll see you next week. Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes.

Solopreneur Success Strategies Season Two on HomeBizStartup

How to start, run and grow a home business



Welcome to season two of Solopreneur Success Strategies. This is Jane Gardner and we’re going to be talking about business startup. We’re going to be talking about starting running and growing your own home business whether offline or on.

Monday is all about mindset. Tuesday is all about starting a home based business, Wednesday is all about selling, sales and your customer. Thursday is going to be about running your home business. Friday will be running your home business. Saturday is all about putting systems in your business and Sunday is all about strategy. So subscribe to this daily podcast and help you get started running and growing your own home business For more information go to [27.7]


Hi this is Jane Gardner. And welcome. This is all about you because we’re going to be talking about how to start run and grow a business in season two of Solopreneur success strategies. So I’m going to be giving you some tips and tricks in five minutes or less on the various subjects from mindset on Monday, Tuesday is about starting your home business, Wednesday is selling and sales and your customers, Thursday is going to be about running your home business and Friday is about growing your own business. Saturday is about systems as we mentioned in our introduction. Sunday is all about strategy. As it is Sunday today, I’m going to give you some strategy to think about for the idea of starting a home business. So today, I wanted to just to introduce you again to myself. I’m Jane Gardner. I have a Web site where I talk about sales and I’ve had my Solopreneur success strategies podcast there as well as the web- tv show and we talk about your message and your brand and who you are and how you sell. I have started a Web site called which is the business about home business membership where you’ll be able to go in and start learning how to run and grow a home business.

But today I’ll just talk about myself and why I think I can help you. I’ve worked in engineering firm with my husband for the last 20 years. We started in about the 1990s when the Internet was just in its infancy.

Our business was always very local based and wide in terms of our clients. Now in terms of where we are in western Canada, we basically do renovations and retrofits and some new construction. My point to all this is that most of the time we are a “word of mouth” business that is local. So if you have a good “word of mouth” on your business then you get more business. So that’s a tip for you on starting a home business in the local area.

Always make sure that you have good word of mouth about your business.

In about 2013, I decided there might be time for me to go out and help other people start their own home business and find out what the resources and tools and the ideas and mindset that you need in order to start a business. So that is why I am here now. We’re going to do Season two of Solopreneur success strategies just talking about starting running and growing your business as well as putting together a strategy for your business.

So today I just wanted to talk about the first strategy that I want to talk about which is if you’re thinking of starting a business consider it as to be a business that you will start part time. You will not quit your day job in order to start on business even though you know it might be a successful business until you start selling in your home business. You really should consider testing your idea and doing some research as well ,as of course, trying to sell your service or product to your market.

I would certainly suggest today that you consider buying the book “Reluctant Entrepreneur” by Michael Masterson.

It’s a great book to read to realize that you need to be able to test the market before you actually start a business in order to see whether or not they’re interested. So one of the ways I test the market is by having this podcast and seen how many people want to listen in. One of the ways that you can test your product or service is to do something like this and do a podcast on the subject. You’d be surprised what kind of people are interested in it and you can find your audience there as well. So that’s one thing you can do certainly for free. It’s just a matter of using their time and getting the voice in order to learn how to create a podcast. So we’ve given you one tip.

First don’t quit your day job.

 Recommend to get the book “The Reluctant Entrepreneur” by Michael Masterson to give you some ideas.

I’ll be giving you some other ideas from that book in order to get you going and thinking about starting your whole business. And of course on Tuesday I believe is starting your home business will be given you more tips about how to research and find out how are whether or not you should start the business you’re thinking of.

The other idea is why not do a podcast and see whether or not there is a market out there if there’s people who are will listen to you about your business. That’s the other tip.

Certainly in my business about home business we can certainly learn about how to do the research very easily in order to find out about your market. We’ll be talking about other ways to find out whether there’s a market out there for your business. But today I just wanted to introduce myself on Sunday.

Monday will be about mindset when starting the whole business and I will give you tips and tricks to think about selling on Wednesday. Thursday will be running a home business , Friday is growing your own business and Saturday is systems. On Saturday, systems will help you to save time and money. Sunday will always be about strategy.

So today we talked about having this strategy to realize that you shouldn’t quit your day job. You should do this new business you’d like to start part time and see whether or not there is a market out there by selling it and testing whether or not you can sell the product or service out there. So we’ll talk a bit more about that next Sunday. But for now this is Jane Gardner on Solopreneur Success Strategies. This is season 2 and we’ll be getting into the nitty gritty and down and dirty for starting your own home business and running and growing it. So thank you for listening. I hope that this podcast will give you some ideas to think about and subscribe on Itunes.


Season 2 of Solopreneur Success Strategies is coming!

All about starting, running and growing a home business offline or online

Season Two of Solopreneur Success Strategies is arrived over on iTunes or Soundcloud or iHeartRadio.

Jane Gardner will be talking about Home Business Startup.

We’re going to be talking about starting, running and growing your own home business whether online or offline. Monday is all about mindset, of course!

Tuesday is all about starting a home based business,

Wednesday is all about selling, sales and your customer.

Thursday is all about running a home business,

Friday will be all about growing your home business,

Saturday is all about putting systems in your business and

Sunday is all about strategy.

So  you’ll be able to listen to this daily podcast to help you get in motion and implement ideas to start run and grow your own homebiz

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What should I know about starting a Home Business?

You should be aware of the regulations that might affect the business you are interested in running from home.

I know rules and regulations are boring.

However, the government whether overall or local has the power to close your business down once you get started.

Whether your business is in your local community or on the internet or both, there are always rules.

Other than the government wanting their taxes from your revenue and the government wanting to make sure your business work environment is safe for your employees, your neighbours whether living in the home beside yours or apartment across the way from yours will be the biggest issue which some people don’t consider when starting their business.

Your neighbours can complain about the new traffic coming to your home office. Your neighbours can complain about lack of parking from your client visitors taking up spaces. Your neighbours can complain about the increase in noise or the increase in smells etc. from your new business. The neighbours go to local authority who can fine you depending on the bylaws or rules in your community. In an apartment complex, all these complaints can apply and you could be evicted if there is rule on no businesses in your apartment bylaws.

We started back 20 years with our own home-based local engineering business when home-based business bylaws were only just being created but we have always made sure we are a quiet neighbour by making visits to clients residence a priority and clients come on infrequent basis to your home office.

Believe it or not, even if you have a business always on the internet, if your neighbours notice increased deliveries they can complain to local authority.

So, always be a quiet neighbourhood business. :)

See what other businesses are doing with Livestreaming!

What’s Trending in Livestreaming Entertainment to learn from for your business


As concerts sell out quickly online, paid livestreaming of concerts has become a way to generate more revenue. With a funny video, Tomorrowland festival which sells out quickly is announcing that this year they will have not 1 but 4 livestreamings of the concert acts.

With four channels of streaming over the 6 days of the festival, some of Tomorrowland’s biggest sets will be showcased by Tomorrowland announces livestream through a hysterical trailer | We Rave You


To increase their audience Kendal Calling festival has joined up with Twitch livestreaming broadcaster to stream their concert live – no muddy fields to sit in anymore!

Tim Peaks, Calling Out and Glow tent live from the comfort of your home or – for the less hardy festival goer – your tent. This is especially useful since the festival sold out faster than ever back in February and sadly some of the usual faces missed out on their tickets. by Kendal Calling partners with Twitch to livestream festival performances

Even a mistake in the livestream can cause instant celebrity as the pop group MVP found out when they got 54,000 views in 2 minutes because they were using Wanna One’s group livestream. Imagine what would happen for your business if you got 2000 views in 2 minutes!

Rookie group MVP accidentally ‘hacks’ Wanna One’s livestream by Rookie group MVP accidentally ‘hacks’ Wanna One’s livestream



Sports Trends

Knowing how popular sports are, there is a rush to get livestreaming working on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There are sports corporations signing agreements with them to broadcast.

MLB Announces Facebook Will Livestream Games with No Blackout Every Friday by MLB Announces Facebook Will Livestream Games with No Blackout Every Friday

Twitter had livestreaming of Wimbledon this year on the platform. For those on their phone or tablet waiting in the airport or work, it must be fun but it won’t take over for the mega-screen live broadcast on T.V.

Twitter’s Livestreaming Sports Lineup Now Includes the Arena Football League by Twitter’s Livestreaming Sports Lineup Now Includes the Arena Football League

The Milken Institute has a conference on the business of sports with a discussion of live TV and social media streaming services for Wrestlemania or the British Soccer League. “Know their play habits, their watching habits and ..growth of sports fans. “7 year olds know more about UFC growing their fans from the “The Business of Sports” by The Business of Sports on Livestream

However, livestreaming is become a force for amateur sports as it increases awareness for any sport. I’m sure your local soccer team has family members proudly broadcasting their child’s effort to grandparents! Livestreaming is helping with awareness for all kinds of sports and even funding whether crowdfunding or charitable.  I saw all the other adaptive sports that aren’t being broadcast out there, and that’s why I started ParaSportsLive to bring these sports to everybody,” he said. by NH man launching livestream platform for parasports nationwide | NH1

You want to check out “Growing your Audience with Livestreaminghere.

How to Start A Home Business Quickly!

At the Business of At Home Business, we help you with the “Other” business around your Idea for a home-based business. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, we can help you focus on your home business idea and increase your revenue, productivity and efficiency in running your home business.

When you are ready to grow your home business past the local market and get online, we have expertise in our membership on creating an international presence on the internet so you can connect and grow your business to a worldwide market.

Many Babyboomers believe that it is possible to get a business quick on the internet. 

But nothing could be further from the truth.

However, it is possible to build a lifestyle business that will allow you to have the freedom you want in your life while creating a business that supports that lifestyle. 

Here’s a huge problem you face right now.

It’s not having the knowledge to setup and grow a home business quickly.

But that’s not the end of the problem…  What makes this even worse is the fact that they need money in their life right now!

Which means you feel overwhelmed and stressed with all the skills you need.

And, worst of all, many babyboomers looking to start a home businesss can’t get past the myth that it is possible to get money quick on the internet.

All this can make trying to figure out how to create the foundations for a home business quickly so you can grow a nightmare!

So, if you’re a babyboomers who want to make extra money for your retirement, then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

5 Reasons to have a Blog in your Business

Marketing – the action of promoting and selling your products or service. 

5 Reasons why you should  blog in your business?

  1. It is a free marketing tool to use on your website and in social media.
  2. It brings awareness to your Brand as other businesses learn about your company who may want to connect or partner with your business.
  3. It is good to showcase your authority and knowledge about your product or service.
  4. Visitors find a way to connect and enjoy reading about company activities or events.
  5. Most importantly, visitors get to know, like and trust your business as a company they could do business with and they are more likely to find that your business has the solution to their problem.

Click Here to Get “Blogging for Business Made Easy!”
You may say you don’t have time to blog on your website about your business but you are letting a free opportunity for you to market to your customers slip away if you don’t! Blogging has become a way to market yourself and your products or services to website visitors and out on social media. People do want to hear what you are all about when they are looking for a solution to their problem. If you are out there blogging and doing social media posts, whether you are a small home business or a large corporation, your words will speak for your business.

The more insight and peeks behind the scenes you get, the more that people will see you have authority in your field and line of work/service. Why You Need to Stop Waiting and Start Blogging (like TODAY) – SoulScripts
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Even if your business is a large one, and you’re setting out to create a blog that speaks to your customer base, there are always ways to make it personal. Show that you understand the issues they’re facing and the problems they’re looking to solve. Use your blog posts to demonstrate to your audience that you’re the best solution to those issues and problems.

Having a voice doesn’t just mean the act of talking or writing. It means having a point of view, being distinctive, and maybe even a little opinionated or controversial. There is a lot of noise on the Internet, and one of the biggest challenges that people face is sifting through all of that noise in order to find the content that’s interesting.

How are you going to create all the content for your blog?

According to Neil Patel, if you write 10 ideas per day then by the end of the year, you will have 3650 ideas!

The great thing about writing down 10 ideas a day is that you’ll become, as James Altucher says, an idea machine. by Neil Patel’s Guide to Blogging Consistently

Then if you save an hour before day just to focus on your blog content; it may take you a few days to write 300 -500, words and then a couple of days to add images, proofread and add a call to action then you will have new blog post every week only from one hour a day!

If you aren’t into writing content but find it easier to do audio then collect your thoughts and jot down the important points you want to make and then get out your microphone and record! Your audience may also be busy and they would enjoy listening to you and your personal thoughts then reading. Who has time!?

The voice of your blog should be a good fit for the product or service you’re selling. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer for natural health care products, then a writing voice that’s positive and nurturing is almost certain to be more appropriate than a voice that’s “in your face” or that uses risqué humor.

For more on blogging for your business check out

Click Here to Get “Blogging for Business Made Easy!”